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What is the Balanced Scorecard System (SCS Scorecard)?
The Balanced Scorecard System (SCS Scorecard) is a performance management system that enables an organization to clarify its vision, mission, strategies and objectives and translate them into action.



Process / Program / Project / Service Delivery

Organizational Capacity

The balanced scorecard is divided into four main areas. Each area (perspective) represents a different aspect of the business organization in order to operate at optimal capacity.
  Customer Perspective measures the level of customer satisfaction, customer retention and market share held by the organization.
  Financial Perspective consists of costs or measurement involved, in terms of rate of return on capital employed and operating income of the organization.
  Process / Program / Project / Service Delivery Perspective consists of measures such as cost and quality related to the business processes.
  Organizational Capacity Perspective consists of measures such as employee satisfaction, employee retention, and knowledge management.
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SCS Scorecard Engagement Programmes
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SCS Scorecard Engagement Programmes
Dear Scorecard Coordinators, The SCS Scorecard Secretariat aim at strengthening BSC implementation by providing Hands-on Training on System, Briefing on BSC Concepts as well as Sharing Best Practices of Scorecard Audit among your agency. These programmes can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Please call us at 082-321857/311937/514470/312439 or email to to discuss. Thank you. Regards, SCS Scorecard Secretariat